Tanisha Christo  
"I'm one of those regular weird people" ~Janis Joplin

My 50 randoms:
1. I talk to myself a lot.
2. I like autobiographies. 
3. I hate my hair blowing into my face.
4. I love opera music. Haven't met many people who do.
5. I want to live in Italy. Its food, people, art, lifestyle, and nature!
6. I'm scared of a lot of things, but I like working to prove myself wrong.
7. I eat pizza from the crust inwards. I like to keep the best for last, especially with food.
8. I can't resist squeezing pimples or picking at scabs.
9. I don't like my toes or my teeth.
10. Musical theater is one of my dream careers. 
11. I love taking funny face pictures :P
12. I cant speak any Indian language. I don't think P language is Indian. :)
13. I'm only scared of worms when I find them in fruit or vegetables.
14. I don't drink caffeine. (Unless it's really good coffee)
15. The volume on the TV or music system can never be on an odd number.
16. I need music while I work.
17. I have been a bridesmaid 8 times. The saying holds good only for 3 times.
18. I love reunions.
19. I love watching clouds, especially at night.
20. Pink is not me, nor lace.
21. I can only watch horror movies on mute.
22. Hot chocolate cures stress. 
23. I'm knock kneed.
24. I can't eat chocolate in one go. I nibble.
25. I believe that God is in control.
26. I'm fascinated by scars and veins.
27. I cannot sleep comfortably if I'm still wearing my watch.
28. I don't like pumpkin pie and avocado because they remind me of baby food.
29. My 'plan b' is to start a restaurant/cafe! ('plan a' is architecture, in case you're wondering)
30. If I ever have kids, I want 4 (!)
31. I smell plastic bags before I use them.
32. I wouldn't eat a caterpillar for any amount of money.
33. If I could, I'd stay in school/college all my life.
34. I cannot take care of long nails.
35. Cooking/baking is therapeutic for me.
36. I do not send forwards.
37. I can stand on one foot with my eyes closed for longer than most people I know.
38. I dislike sewing and gardening.
39. I can be so so stubborn. 
40. I cant burp on purpose (I've really tried)
41. I believe that my happiness is in my control.
42. I get travel sick very easily.
43. I have an 8 week old human foetus in a bottle on my study table. 
44. I collect pins/badges from different places. I have about 70 in my collection.
45. Federer over Nadal, any day. :)
46. My blood group is A+ve (I'm running out of randoms)
47. My record of hours without sleep is 56.
48. I sleep talk/walk/eat/laugh/blow bubbles...
49. I wish I could dance.
50. I love lists.

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