Brownie Points

This business venture was started in October, 2010. Atul, Nitin and I decided that we loved brownies and dessert in general (actually food in general) too much to not start something in the field. 

We got a name, a logo, my kitchen, a local supplier for ingredients and soon we were on the streets entering every cafe and offering them free brownies and a great opportunity. 

We've come a long way from that. With 4 unique products to please all tastes and after many stalls in various flea markets, and not to mention some great media coverage, we're still just a fraction of where we want to be.

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1.Chocolate and Walnut Brownie
2.Lemon Muffin 
3.Banana, Walnut and Chocolate-chip Slice


Per tray (30 pieces)- Rs. 600
Per half tray (15 pieces)- Rs. 300

Banana Cake:
3 loaves (30 slices)- Rs. 550

Lemon Muffins:
Per tray (30 muffins)- Rs. 500
Per half tray (15 muffins)- Rs. 250

Cinnamon Cookies:
Per 40 cookies- Rs.350
Per 20 cookies- Rs.175

(Chocolate fudge sauce (to accompany brownies)- Rs. 100 per 500ml)

*Extra charges for delivery.
*Minimum of 4 days advance for any order.
*Minimum order: half tray/1 loaf


Atul Saraff- +91 9036176419
Nitin Kamath- +91 8050604730
Tanisha Christo +91 9986790885

Apt. 203, Savoy, 3 Coles Road, Frazer Town, Bangalore- 560005

Brownie Points online:

Facebook Page 

Brownie Points Press:

Time Out Magazine, April 2011

MetroPlus, The Hindu, May 2011

Mid-Day, June 2011

Time Out Magazine, June 2012

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